East Hill

The East Hill neighborhood features many older homes built in the 1940s-60s as well as the Slater Community Center, which was originally constructed to serve as the city’s segregated high school. Today, the facility serves as a mixed-use community center hosting senior programs, city council meetings, and more.


Fairmount Elementary School
821 Virginia Ave.

Tennessee Middle School
840 Alabama St.

Tennessee High School
1112 Edgemont Ave.

Health & Safety

Fire Stations

Fire Station 2
1109 King College Road


Bristol Regional Medical Center
1 Medical Park Blvd.


Slater Community Center
325 McDowell St.


Avoca Branch Library
1550 Volunteer Pkwy.

Culture & Entertainment

Twin City Drive-In Theatre
2512 Volunteer Pkwy.



Anderson Park
341 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Downtown Center (multi-use venue)
810 State St.

Jerry Goodpasture Plaza (music park)
719 Shelby St.

Slater Park
128 E. State St.

Golf Courses

Golf Club of Bristol
6045 Old Jonesboro Road

Hiking Trails

Steele Creek Park
4 Little Lane

Wes Davis Greenway (paved trail)
215 Volunteer Pkwy.


Steele Creek Lake, 4 Little Lane

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How we Play

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